Gmail Notifr 0.5.2

1.9 MB

Gmail Notifr 0.5.2

The developer created this notifier because of his frustration with every other Gmail notifier out there.

His main gripes were that you cannot configure it to check mail at specified intervals and that some of them install several daemon processes (such as Google Updater for example) without asking you. What's even worse, these processes remain after uninstalling them.

If you're equally dissatisfied you can always try Gmail Notfr which is programmed in RubyCocoa and completely free. This can be configured in such a way that does not bother you with warnings when you receive a new message but only at regular intervals. Gmail Notfr sits in your Menu Bar and displays in digits how many e-mails you have waiting for you. Unfortunately, it doesn't support or integrate with any browsers though.

If you're unhappy with previous Gmail notifiers and don't want one that's integrated into your browser, Gmail Notfr is a lightweight and straightforward solution.

Download and use it now: Gmail Notifr 0.5.2 free download

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Operating System: Mac OS X

Release Date: May 23, 2012

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