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TinkerTool 4.95 Free

Super easy to use system tweaker for OS X

TwoUp Free

Fit two windows to fit exactly half of your screen

SuperDocker 3.03 Free

Modify the appearance of Leopard

DockColor 1.0 Free

Change the color of the Leopard shelf Dock

DeskFun 0.5.7 Free

Personalize your desktop with images

BumpTop 1.05.2 Free

Add 3 dimensions to your desktop

LeoColorBar 1.3.0 Free

Adjust your desktop picture on Leopard

Divvy 1.3.6 Trial version

Divide and manage your desktop windows

iShowU 1.92.6 Trial version

When words alone are not enough

Dockables 1.2 Free

Dockables finds a clever way of accessing your most common actions from your dock. Instead of