Desktop Dungeons 0.21

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Desktop Dungeons

Desktop Dungeons is a turn based role playing 'rogue-like' game. Choose a race and class of character, then fight your way through levels full of monsters.

The different races are typical: Elf, Dwarf and so on. The classes too, like priest and fighter are very traditional for fantasy games. These choices effect how your character will level up and its abilities, but the gameplay will be similar anyway. When you defeat an opponent you gain experience points, and over time level up.

In Desktop Dungeons you start with a level one character, and have to level up carefully. Attacking enemies with a higher level than you will usually result in death, so you need to explore the dungeon carefully attacking only those monsters you can kill. This adds experience so you can level up and kill tougher opponents.

Desktop Dungeons comes in cheerful 8-bit graphics, with basic sound. It's decidedly retro, but lots of fun to play. Games are typically short, which makes Desktop Dungeons a very unusual RPG! It is easy to play, but difficult to master, which gives is a lot of replay value.

Desktop Dungeons is a cool little role playing game that is addictive and fun to play.

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